A worn shaft being sprayed back to original tolerances

Metal Spraying

Pump Supply & Repair Group often come across shafts that have been severely damaged by a number of factors including; Bearing Failure, Misalignment, Misuse, Fatigue, Welding Defects or Corrosion.

When it is not preferable to purchase a new shaft; either because of financial reasons or simply the lead time is too long, Pump Group can refurbish the shaft back to original specifications by using a process called Metal Spraying.

Metal Spraying is a cost effective and technically advanced method of restoring worn components and surfaces back to the OEM specifications and tolerances. It is a process of ‘reclaiming’ parts that would have otherwise been scrapped and replaced, as it has an incredibly strong bond strength and can be applied very precisely, leaving the substrate component looking as new, whilst being very hard weraring.

Advantages of Metal Spraying:

  • Very fast process – almost instant drying time
  • Minimises expenditure on replacement parts
  • Reduced machinery downtime
  • Can be used on a number of metals, including Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Low Alloy Steels, Cast Iron, Aluminium & Brass.
For more information on how Pump Group can utilise Metal Spraying on your machinery, please contact our Repairs Department on 0161 864 4678


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