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External Sales Engineer

Job Title: External Sales Engineer – (2 positions vacant) Package: £ DOE, Car, Pension Location 1: South West (M56 Corridor, Wales, Staffordshire, South M/cr, Wirral) Location 2: East (North, South & West Yorkshire, Humber, Teeside and Tynside) Employer: Pump Supply & Repair Group Description: Long standing privately owned company looking for External Sales Engineers. We are a leading specialist in the sales, repairs and site servicing of rotating equipment, pump units and ancillary equipment and are keen to appoint an experienced, knowledgeable, commercially and technically aware candidate, to join our existing Sales Team. We have a new industry leading office and workshop facility in Manchester. Role: External Sales Engineer: To be pro-active in the sales of PSRG products and services and to provide technical knowledge and support to existing and potential new clients. Contacting, visiting and providing verbal and written profitable proposals and providing customer support and back up as required, to ensure that the sales targets and budgets are met. Maintain a regular and close liaison with key customers, recommending modifications and improvements, monitoring accounts and action planning. Strategic planning for new contacts and potential customers, to obtain sales opportunities and prospects for the Company’s development and growth. To research, identify and implement new business initiatives and opportunities outside our current market segments. Reporting to Sales Manager, you will be responsible for achieving profitable sales growth, key account management and developing existing and new customer accounts. You will working towards mutually agreed K.P.I.’s including sales, profitability and customer retention. The ideal candidate will have a mechanical engineering background ideally to ONC/HNC level. Ability to deliver strong presentation skills and communicate professionally and confidently with both customers and suppliers. Must be self-motivated, with good organisational and interpersonal skills and ability to utilise an extensive CRM database. Please forward your CV and covering letter to

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On Site Vacuum Testing

Vacuum Pump Testing, Condition Monitoring, Laser Alignment and Endoscope Inspection Recently Pump Supply & Repair Group were asked to attend the site of a Power Station in London to perform a vacuum test on two Nash pumps. In addition, our scope of work involved confirming the alignment the pump/motor using laser equipment, checking the vibration & bearing noise using condition monitoring equipment and inspecting the internal condition of the pump using an endoscope probe. Our testing procedure involves fitting orifice test flanges, each with 18 precision cut ‘test holes’. A vacuum test gauge is attached to the centre of the plate to record pressure during the blanking off of each test hole in turn.The performance of the pump was determined by the application of mathematical formulae using the results recorded. A graph is then produced comparing the performance with the OEM catalogue curve, as can be seen in this image. The graph shows that below 16″ Hg, the pump is performing at approx 90% of its original specification, however, above 16″ Hg performance detoreriorates rapidly, achieving only 36% at its duty point of 25″Hg. Further investigation using our endoscope probe revealed that there was significant disintegration and corrosion of the rotor vanes, particularly at the drive end of the pump. An example of this damage can be seen on the attached image, and this almost certainly contributed to the poor performance of the pump. Our laser alignment equipment indicated the pump to have remained in alignment in the vertical plane, however, it was marginally out horizontally: we proceded to ease the pump back into alignment, aided by the ‘live’ display given by our equipment which gives a continuously updated display of the alignment. The attached image shows the final alignment report.Our ultrasonic Condition Monitoring equipment indicated that vibration and bearing condition were all within accepted tolerances.Visual inspection also revealed on of the mechanical seals to be leaking. Our recommendation to our customer was to remove the pump from service as debris from the disintegrating rotor could enter the process causing damage throughout the system. Our overhaul of the pump would involve Belzona coating to protect surfaces liable to the effects of corrosion and using Belzona to rebuild the profile of the rotor. As a matter of course, bearings and mechanical seals would also be changed. For further information or to discuss any testing requirement you may have, please contact: Site … Continue reading

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New Test Cell

The major news this month is the installation and commissioning of Pump Supply & Repair Group’s  £100,000 investment in our Test Cell In short we can now Test Pumps up to 300kW and produce a full performance curve INCLUDING power, efficiency and NPSH. Our New test cell is used to quantify the hydraulic and mechanical quality of our repair and pre-test pumps to determine if work is necessary. To see our Test Facilities webpage with a video showcasing our Thermodynamic Testing Capabilities, please click here 

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Gearbox Reconditioning

The gearbox was delivered to Pump Supply & Repair Group partially seized after running with insufficient lubrication. At strip down it was also discovered that the main gear hub had fractured The remainder of the unit had all parts examined for damage and wear with images taken showing the extent of the damage. Consumable parts were itemised for replacing; these included bearings, oil seals and gaskets. Any damage to the shafts was assessed for suitability with action for correction and all critical dimensions were recorded for rebuild purposes. The main hub was replicated and the gear ring reconditioned. During assembly, all parts were set for axial and radial alignment. Full rebuild completed and the unit was returned to the customer. Another demonstration of how Pump Supply & Repair Group are able to undertake repairs and servicing to any type of rotating equipment, from parts replication through to full overhauls. Repairs Quotation Engineer Email: Direct No: 0161 864 5175

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Ash Crusher Repair

Ash Crusher Repair Pump Supply & Repair Group have recently undertaken the repair of a coal ash crusher on behalf of a UK power station. The crusher was found to be in a poor condition after many years of service. Impact damage was found to the rotor hubs which needed to be corrected by carrying weld repairs using stelite impact HS360 rod. Other areas of concern included wear to the shaft locations and wear to the gland sleeves. these areas were spiral welded and machined. Both gears were also found to be worn with excessive clearance found between the teeth. New gears were manufactured and fitted then new side sections were fabricated and fitted to badly eroded areas. Internals and externals of the hopper box were grit-blasted. The unit was then rebuilt with new copper bearing assemblies, new sets of packing rings and new gasket & shim sets. We have modified the main problem area which was the primary cause of bearing failure – gland leakage – fitted new labyrinth seals and large shaft throwers to deflect debris away from bearings. The unit was spray painted and then dispatched to the customer and is now back in operation. Repairs Quotation Engineer Email: Direct No: 0161 864 5176

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Belzona Repairs

Pump Supply & Repair Group were asked to offer advice regarding how to repair excessive corrosion to steel pipework on an exhaust steam manifold from a boiler house without replacing a complex manifold. In December 2008 the inlet flange and 1500mm of the pipe bore was coated internally in situ on site using Belzona 1511 Super High Temperature Metal to recover the surface profile, then coated with Belzona 1391 Ceramic HT Metal. Inspection twelve months later revealed that although the coating had been attacked by cavitation caused by high pressure steam, no further damage had occurred to the pipework. Once again, the Belzona coating has arrested the corrosion of the pipework, effectively increasing its life – additional coatings can now be applied to prolong the life further and avoid the expensive steel pipework replacement program previously carried out on this site. The repair was carried out during a three day shut down. Site Services Manager Email: Mobile No: 07887 721900

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In House Repair Video

Pump Supply & Repair Group have recently been filming the Repair Activity in our new purpose built repair workshop. This is the first of many videos to come to showcase our experience and expertise on overhaul of all types of rotating equipment from around the UK.

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High Temp Chemical Reactor Fan

Pump Supply and Repair Group have recently refurbished a high temperature (650 °C) reactor fan for a major chemical supplier. The failure occurred on site during cold weather, where water-cooled equipment froze during January. Bearing design was from the 1960’s, so this technology was white metal liners inside cast iron water-cooled housings. The units had temperature probes to monitor bearing temperatures. As can be seen above, the water-cooled bearings have cracked in frost conditions, causing major damage resulting in plant shutdown time and loss of production. The total fan unit was disassembled, M.P.I. testing of castings was carried out. All water chambers were bead blasted to identify problems at M.P.I. test stage. Some cast iron gas welding was carried out at our Manchester workshops. The castings were cold metal stitched. All water chambers coated with Belzona 1341 Superglide. To reduce future scale up problems, the main shaft has been hard chrome coated on bearing areas to original sizes, where the white metal bearings run. Both white metal bearings were re-lined and bored, scraped to correct fit and clearance. All bearings aligned on site. The fan assembly was balanced to G. 2.5 Dynamic @ 3500 RPM. The unit was commissioned on site to aid the customer achieve tight delivery schedules. Operations Director Email: Tel: 0161 864 4678

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